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Diana de Cabarrus, Andy Philip, Anne Aulmann, Barry Hughes, Jack Fawcett. Grab your free psych-pop-indie-chanson flavoured EP HERE

Time in the Tin

Modern Times



Merry Christmas and a Happy new year! We finished off the year by progressing four demos with super producer John Wills, who’s only one half of one of my all time favourite bands Pumajaw along with the legend that is Pinkie Maclure. I’m so grateful for his help on  the demos and look forward to hearing his mixes. One of the tracks is a trad song called Rosemary lane that I originally heard for the first time when Pinkie and he performed it. It was the first time I’d seen them, and I was gobsmacked and fell in love with the song and with their sound. So, the happenstance of him producing my arrangement of it eleven years later is delightful.

We’re kicking the year off with a gig at the Saturday bruncheon and looking forward to completing this album – more on that soon!

5th January 2015

GIGS – 9th January at the Sound of Muesli at out of the Blue, with Annie Humphreys and Ewan Macintyre HERE – the gorgeous Saturday bruncheon free music event

5th March 2015 Limbo – with Kirsten Adamson

Another juicy gig and beautiful collaboration-as it was at Limbo 2014 in March that I met Kirsten for the first time. We ended up in about three bands together and I had the enormous pleasure of working in her band to collaborate on her AMAZING DEBUT ALBUM Kirsten Adamson.





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